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50 Cal Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce Flavors

YUMMMMMM! And So Cool 50 Cal Hot Sauce

  • Our Hot & Honey Hot Sauce is a blend of tropical flavors that will remind you of the Caribbean heat, love, and memories. This sauce is a sweet, thick, and spicy blend that is perfect for dipping and seasoning.

  • If you are looking for an explosion of flavor with a heat beyond hot, our Super-Hot Sauce was made for you. It is ready to be poured over chicken, beef, or pork for a tangy and spicy dish.

  • Our Louisiana Style Hot Sauce is the "perfect for everything hot sauce." It has a great, mouth-watering flavor that is neither too hot nor too cold. Just right for everyday use.

Our hot sauces make a great gift idea, for that someone special in your life. Comes in a collector glass bottle. Get one or all.   



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