I've been DUCKED

Congratulation on having such a "GRIT" Jeep!!

Enjoy 15% off an order with us and also get a FREE decal, all for being DUCKED by us.

Just follow these steps and we will DM you a code to receive the discount.

1. Follow us on Instragram @gritgearapparel

2. Take a picture of your Jeep with the Duck and card you received from us.

3. Post it on Instragram and tag us @gritgearapparel, you can also use hashtag #duckduckgrit, where we will be picking one lucky winner that used that hashtag for a $100 shopping spree with us. So get your coolest picture of your Jeep with the duck and card we left you, (option if you or a group of people want to be in the pic).

You've been DUCKED because you have a "GRIT" Jeep.




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