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2 M16 Riffle Vinyl Decals

Metallic Silver
Lime Green
Royal Blue
Cobalt Blue

Get your 2 M16 Riffle Vinyl Decals Today!

2 M16 Riffle Vinyl Decals

Our Die Cut Decals

  • We use Oracal 651 for all our decals. They come in a verity of colors and can last up to 7 years outdoors when placed on a smooth surface.

  • All decals are die cut. Meaning anything void is cut out. We show for the most part our decals in white with a black background, all you will be receiving is what is white in this case. If you chose a different color, example "red" then what you are seeing in "white" (in the picture) will become "red". There is "NO" black in our decals that are shown, that is for display purpose only.

  • Please look at some of our customer pictures in our picture gallery to get a better idea to what we are referring to.

  • All our decals are one color unless otherwise stated.

  • Make sure you choose your color, white is set as default.

  • Directions on how to apply your 2 M16 Riffle Vinyl Decals are included.

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