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February 10, 2018 2 min read

Do you love the USA? Do you like to show that you do? Would you like items in your closet and dresser you could wear to indicate your love for this country?
If you answered yes to these questions, then I would like to introduce you to the new clothing brand Grit Gear Apparel ®.

Grit Gear Apparel ® was founded by my wife and I (Rich & Sharen Gunther) in August of 2017, when I was looking for a way to support our military and the USA by wearing a patriotic t-shirt. As I looked, I had a hard time finding items that for one, I would wear due to them being offensive or two, not being clear what the message was. I wanted to wear a message that would convey how I felt but still be able to wear it around my grand-kids. I didn't think I needed certain four or three letter words to get that point across.

So with over 35 years of Graphic Art experience and already owning a silk-screen press, I designed and made my first shirt " Born American". Pictured below is my wife and I wearing them for the first time on our vacation in Sept 2017 in the Smokey Mountains. We had such great feedback during that day and with a company in Pigeon Forge (after seeing the shirt) wanting to carry them in their store, I decided to make more designs.  With the same mindset of getting a message out without being obscene, we developed Grit Gear Apparel ®.

You see; I love this country, honor all service men and women, and stand for the National Anthem. I raised my children in a Christian home to never take our freedom for granted, to respect the constitution and the rights thereof, to remember the men and women who have fought and died to give us such freedom, and to never disrespect our US flag in any way!  

Ronald Reagan was a firm believer that in order to continue peace we had to have a strong Military, which is confirmed in his speech " Peace Through Strength". We also believe that we should have an Unyielding Patrtiotic outlook. Meaning we should never be persuaded to change our constant love and respect we have for this great country.

We repect our flag, support our veterans and active-duty service men and women and are willing to defend this land from all enemies. If a country is week on the outside, peace can never be certain or sustained. Our military must stay strong in order to continue and ensure peace.

Freedom is never free, so we respect those who are continually fighting to keep our land a free country and we honor those who have sereved and those who gave their life for our country. 

Our message is simple; to honor God, the military, USA and our flag, all with patriotic apparel and accessories. Help us spread our brand and get our message out with a by wearing Grit Gear Apparel®.

We proudly donate a portion of profit of each sale to Wounded Warrior Project, as our way of giving back.


Rich Gunther | Founder/CEO



Rich Gunther
Rich Gunther

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